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Mocha and Jaycee Parker Scandal Video

How true are the rumors that Mocha and Jaycee Parker has a scandal video that has quickly spread where else but the internet? Yes its true. There really is a video. We just don't know where it came from.

At first we thought that this was part of some sort of Indie Film (or it really is). But we tried searching for Mocha and Jaycee Parker Movie and found nothing. Instead, we were given results of the allegedly video of Mocha and Jaycee Parker doing some scenes not suitable for minors.

Should we believe in this video? Looks real for me and knowing Mocha who was reported to appeared in scandalous photos with the Mocha Girls before, I won't be surprised if many, including me will buy into this. If this is just a promo for an indie film, very good indeed. And very courageous.

Wanna see the video? Check inside to see Mocha and Jaycee Parker Scandal Video.

Mocha and Jaycee Parker Scandal Video
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